Thursday, September 2, 2010


What's been happening at Eclipse???

Well, Tyler is back in school in the 4th grade. He's the big fish in his elementary school this year :-), but next year he'll be the minnow in the big pond at Middle school :-(. He's not fond of school and really dislikes Math, and he gets Math homework every night. It's a struggle to get him through it. I'm getting grayer by the minute.

We had a nice trip to Canada again for 2 weeks back in July/August. Super hot down here at home, but 70 degrees every day with a nice cool breeze off the lake made the vacation unbelievable. Along with friends Steve & Gloria and my Mom & Dad we caught enough fish to have several fish frys and to bring home.

What about the dogs you ask???

Well, Spencer...aka Sporting Fields Beach Party, is singled out and only needs those two elusive majors to complete his championship.

Willow...aka Ch. Snowcap's Willo the Wisp, was sent to New York to be bred but unfortunately we were too late getting her together with the male. Gotta wait until February.

Vanna...aka Ch. Daydream's Nights In White Satin, is a fat and happy girl that lays by my feet on the couch constantly. She too will be bred come her next heat, probably in spring.

Booker...aka Topfox Dynasty Aces N' Eights, our Toy Fox Terrorist is working on his championship also. He is in need of a major and a few singles. Hopefully we'll be able to finish him in time for Westminster.

Paco...aka the mutt, is just a great dog. She went to Canada with us and is a good companion for a stray. A great first dog for my son Tyler.

All the other dogs are doing fine, just hanging out here at Eclipse. I'm looking forward to Football season to start, been watching all the pre-season games on channel 72 (NFL Network). Waiting for my 49ers to get back in the SuperBowl race, boy it's been FOREVER, so I guess I'll be rooting for the local Eagles again this year.
Hope to keep more updated on the blog for you all.
Till next time........hug your hounds and stay safe.