Monday, March 24, 2008

Zoey, the Serial Toy Killer!!!

Zoey is known as the Serial Toy Killer or Destuffer. She will take a stuffy toy and have it destuffed in under 10 seconds. So I sent her a box of stuffies that she could enjoy all her own, and she went about doing what she now does best, destuffing. She likes to keep her "victims" close to her and won't allow any of the other dogs to play with She reminds me of the bad neighbor boy Sid in Toy Story who did all kinds of nasty things with his toys.

Zoey really is living the life of luxury in Florida, and has really tugged at the heartstrings of her new best friend Jonathan. Zoey is a superspecial girl who deserves the best I can give her and this is the best for her, that story will come later.

My New Travel Website

I've researched this business for quite some time now and decided to take the plunge and like the Nike slogan says, "just do it". Travel is something we all do from time to time and if you are like me, you are always looking online to find the best price available. The prices on my site are very competitive and you can book all your own travel, send flowers, book flight, hotel, car and cruises, weekend trips, all inclusive trips, and your favorite golf vacation.
Please come take a peek at my new site, sign up for the weekly hot new travel deals, and I'd really appreciate if you would book your next vacation or travel on my site.

Have fun and enjoy your spring!!!

Our Latest Dog Show

We traveled to York, PA for the March 15 & 16 shows. I had Vanna and Steeler entered, and was hoping they would behave as Vanna hadn't been at a dog show since January, and Steeler has been out of the ring since September of last year. I am happy to say that Vanna won her class both days and was RWB on Saturday, and Steeler was 2nd on Saturday and 1st in his class on Sunday. They both were very good in the ring and I was very pleased with their performances. I had a lot of nice compliments about my girl Vanna, so I think her fan base is going to be big. I just hope she continues to "behave" like she did at these shows, as she is such a goof ball.
Pictured here is Vanna in the ring, thanks for the picture Peg!!!
I had a great time visiting with old friends, seeing a very nice new litter in the ring that will likely be kicking some butt in the future, making new friends, and just relaxing back in the motorhome, thanks for letting me stay with you Pat.

Our next set of shows will be outdoors on May 3 & 4, Saturday being at the beautiful Tinicum Park in Buck County which is on Route 32 on the Delaware River, and Sunday at Mercer County Park in Trenton, NJ. So if you aren't doing anything, stop in and say hi (you can contact me FMI).

Tyler started Karate

Well, being Tyler doesn't want to wrestle, play baseball or soccer, we decided to enroll him in Karate. Along with his friend Shawn, he goes to Karate three nights a week. Being he is just starting, he is only a white belt, but he is working hard to get his yellow belt which he can try for in another 2 months (he has to be a white belt for 3 months). Tyler seems to really enjoy himself, and is starting to "get it" as at first I thought he never would.

The instructor is a very nice young man who is in the Black Belt Hall of Fame and his training goes directly back to Grandmaster Lee Won-Kuk. This Grandmaster only allowed students of the HIGHEST character to join his academy and the training was extremely strict and disciplined. Grandmaster Lee began training a young boxer by the name of Duk Sung Son, who became a Grandmaster also. While in the USA, Grandmaster Son taught Joe Trovato, who later relocated to the Pocono Mountains in PA, and taught Rich Gross. Sensei Gross then went on to be the instructor for Sensei Paul Maglionico who is head instructor at the Mountain Karate Academy where Tyler trains. Grandmaster Son is one of the top Martial Arts Masters in the world, and it's exciting to know that Tyler is being trained by this generation of apprentices.

Instructor Paul is very good with the kids, and he really enjoys teaching his skills to them. Tyler is looking forward to the day he gets his yellow belt.