Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Whippet National - 4/22 - Virginia Beach

 Well the Whippet National for 2022 is complete.  There were lots of beautiful dogs for the eye to behold.  Roxie.....aka Crossway's On The Rox, had a great time showing how she can look like a kangaroo on the end of a show lead...lol.  

The VRBO that I stayed in had a huge fenced yard where Roxie could romp and play in....she truly enjoyed that.  I'm so glad I was able to reconnect with old friends, and make some new ones.  

The best part of the week was what I won in the raffle on the final day.  A continuous looping lure coursing machine.  I usually never win anything in raffles, so this was a huge surprise.

I also took Roxie to the beach for a little fun in the sun. 


It was a great National run by local show chair Kristen Fredericks, and National show chair Cindy Scott.  I look forward to next year.....see ya all in Topeka. 

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Starting Over

 Hello once again.  Some news!!!!!

After a long hiatus from dog showing and dog breeding, I have decided to start over.  

My last whippet, SBIS Ch. Daydream's Nights In White Satin....aka The Almighty Vanna, passed away on June 3, 2021 at 14-1/2 years of age. 

(Vanna pictured 3 weeks before her passing)

 I hadn't been showing or breeding for several years, but instead turned back 100% to participating in the other sport I love, trapshooting.  But with the high price and limited availability of ammunition to compete in the sport, I have decided to Start Over in Whippets.


So after a lot of research, finding puppies with a pedigree I like and want to move forward with, I purchased a show prospect puppy in December from Jennifer Dellos of Crossway's Whippets.  

Meet our new Starting Over puppy ---- Crossway's On The Rox  ---- click on the following link ----  Whippet - The Breed Archive  to see Roxie's pedigree. 

Crossway's On The Rox

There is so much that has happened since my last post (wow 2013!!!!!), so I won't go into any more detail, but will continue on from this time Feb 2022. 

Stay posted for more updates.  

I hope everyone stays safe.  Until next time. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

The New Addition

While I'm out shooting and trying to reach my ultimate shooting goal...my niece Melissa has taken over showing her dogs and mine at times.  Along with taking care of her 6 month old daughter Kora.

There is a new temporary addition to the string of show dogs.  This being a 16 month old German Shorthair Pointer named Timberaq Rising From the Hot Ashes...aka Phoenix.  She is owned by Dave Hendricks...will be shown by Melissa or myself...and hunt tested by either Dave or myself.

And here is my Great niece Kora

And Kora and her best friend Hank...she LOVES dogs & horses already.

So till next time...everyone hug your kids and hounds and stay safe.

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Life Now

Wow...what's new at Eclipse???  Still Shooting???  Still have dogs???  Answers are always something new...yes & yes.

Resident Whippets are:
Spencer...aka GCH Sporting Fields Beach Party

The Almighty Vanna...aka BISS Ch. Daydream's Nights In White Satin

The resident Toy Fox Terrorist is Booker...aka Ch. Topfox Dynasty Aces and Eights

My one Whippet that currently lives with my niece Melissa is:
Sparx...aka Eclipse Light My Fire

All except Sparx...are retired show dogs that love to sleep in bed under the covers.  We don't do much showing at this time...but shoot as much as possible at this point...still striving for my lifetime goal in the sport of trapshooting (which I will reveal if it ever happens).

Tyler is growing up fast and does a bit of shooting also.  I'll try to keep up with my blogging...I promise.

Off to shoot some practice tomorrow...then Sunday morning off to NY to shoot with my good friend Chris Vendel.

Till next time.

Friday, December 21, 2012

My World

Well, here it is close to Christmas...and once again it's been forever since I posted on my blog.  Lots of things going on...down to three Whippets right now.  I did breed Vanna and she's expecting sometime round the 2nd week in January.

I've been shooting a lot lately and have an awesome squad consisting of Dennis Cacciola Sr, Mary Ann Cacciola, Brian James and Glenn Zullick.  Dennis was High Over All in the LVTL last year, and I won High Lady.  We are a bit dysfunctional, but this year Dennis is once again in competition for HOA. 
I've met some wonderful new people in the shooting world that although I've been shooting like FOREVER...never knew personally. 
Several things I'm working on with shooting....but won't divulge them here until it/they actually happen. 

Right now Tyler is heading to Disney World with his dad and cousin, and I'm sure he'll have a super fantastic time.  I will certainly miss him on Christmas Day, but I'm happy for him.

I've lost my job two days ago and for the past two days I've been hanging out with my BF Christine and her hubby Kevin...baking cookies and filing for unemployment and searching for jobs. 

Guess that's about it for now...I try to keep up with my postings...but other than Vanna's babies coming it'll be most about shooting.

Stay safe and kiss your hounds.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Long Time

Well, well, well....it sure has been a long time since I posted on my blog. Lots of things happening in my life...heading for divorce...down to 4 dogs...two living with me...the other two with awesome friends.
I've been showing very sparingly as I only have Spencer who need only a major to finish....he's already got 20+ points, but just can't hook that last major win.

Been shooting more than before and am working with Tyler with his shooting. At 11 years old, I think he's starting to get it.
Was down to Florida this past March for a shoot...didn't shoot much...but had the best time ever. I'm looking forward to going down again next year.

Spencer is heading to the National in Ohio this year and will be shown by either my niece or Karen Gibson...hopefully he can finish there and not just win the Open Dog class like he did last year.

I love keeping up with all my dog show friends on Facebook...and although I am shooting much more than previous years...I do miss my doggie people.

I'll try to update more in the coming months.

Till then...hug your hounds.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas The Night Before Christmas 2010

Twas the morning before Christmas, and all through the house, ain't nobody home, cause Lady Di's heading South.

Here I am driving along...when suddenly I realize something is dreadfully wrong...I forgot my bikini, along with some other stuff....oh well, guess I'll just have to swim in the buff.

All is going fine, when traffic begins to slow a bit...I look over to the side and see Santa's sleigh in the ditch. Figurin' on doin' a bit of sleigh fixin', I realized it wasn't the sleigh, but Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen.

As I was looking at Santa's reindeer lying in the ditch water that was so murky...lo and behold, along comes the butchers meat wagon....looking to make some Christmas Jerky.

I stopped in Virginia to get some grub...a cute little waitress in an elf suit asked, "Merry Christmas, what can I get ya honey?" I told her, "Bacon and Eggs, and oh by the way, did you hear that Santa's reindeer are being ground up for money?"

I finally hit the North Carolina border while listening to some tunes that are kinda sad...when all of a sudden, Michael Jackson starts singing my song....I'm Bad.

As I'm driving along, I'm taking a mental inventory of the "beverages" I can count....I search for "Liquor or State Store" in the GPS...and it says, "dumb shit, you're in the South". So I think it's time for this Interstate and I to depart...and start looking for the local WalMart.

Here it is now Christmas Eve, looking for a place to stay the night. Hoping Santa finds some more reindeer, so he can find my site. Tyler will be looking for some presents come Christmas morn, and if there's none, I'm sure he'll be torn.

As for myself, there's nothing I want under the Christmas tree.....oh, except for that 6' tall muscle bound Cabana boy, sent here to serve only me.......oh and for all my friends and family to EAT, DRINK and BE MERRY.